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purplelizzy [userpic]
Saudi rape victim pardoned
by purplelizzy (purplelizzy)
at December 17th, 2007 (11:06 am)


"The Saudi king has pardoned a female rape victim sentenced to jail and 200 lashes for being alone with a man raped in the same attack, reports say."

About time too.

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purplelizzy [userpic]
Rapists of 10 year old girl receive non-custodial sentences (Australia)
by purplelizzy (purplelizzy)
at December 10th, 2007 (07:31 pm)


Nine men convicted of raping a ten year old girl in Queensland have each received probation or suspended sentences. 'In her ruling, Judge Sarah Bradley told them that the victim "probably agreed to have sex with all of you".'


purplelizzy [userpic]
Sperm donor to lesbian couple required to pay child support (UK centric-ish).
by purplelizzy (purplelizzy)
at December 4th, 2007 (11:43 am)


It seems there is an unexpected side effect to the failure to recognise a lesbian partner as a parent. In this case, the sperm donation was privately arranged with the male friend of a lesbian couple giving them his sperm so they could have a child together. The couple later split up. The non-biological mother had not adopted the child so was not legally a parent, hence could not be held liable for child support payments. So, the Child Support Agency has gone after the biological father, the sperm donor. Of course all this might have been avoided if the parties had gone the offical route at the outset, but now it seems (from what I've been hearing on the BBC today) that come people are trying to use this to say lesbians should not be allowed to have artifical insemination. But the situation would be exactly the same if it was a straight couple who had not formalised things and later split up!!


purplelizzy [userpic]
by purplelizzy (purplelizzy)
at November 29th, 2007 (02:48 pm)


This is a sad story, it was all over the news a few days ago, I'm a little late posting about it. A TV talk show in Spain invited a woman onto the show (using some pre-text or other) where her ex-boyfriend appeared and proposed to her. She turned him down and a few days later he murdered her. What the TV show's producers had no known, and not bothered to find out, was that this man had a history of abusing this woman. She even had a restraining order against him.

Of course now the show's producers are taking no responsibility in this at all. I suppose you could say, ok he might well have done this anyway but HELLO did nobody in the talk show world learn anything from that horrible tragedy that came out of the Jenny Jones show in the 90s? (homophobic straight guy killed gay guy after gay guy announced his crush on JJ show, in case folks have never heard of it).

My question is this: how the HELL is a woman who is being abused in a relationship, and who leaves that relationship as a result supposed to keep herself safe, if she's taken the necessary legal measures to keep the abuser at a distance, if all he has to do is go and get on a talk show? I would love to hear from anyone who works in any aspect of TV research on exactly what kind of research is done on these kinds of programmes. Surely it is the responsibility of everyone to take care not to place someone in a dangerous situation like that?

Abused women are constantly criticised for going back to, or staying with, abusive partners, but really what IS the alternative - leaving and ending up dead even though you have done everything you could to prtoect yourself, because it hasn't occured to some numpty in the media that there might be a very good reason why your ex is your ex?

purplelizzy [userpic]
Janipher Maseko - article
by purplelizzy (purplelizzy)
at November 25th, 2007 (08:46 am)


Some of you might remember some posts a few months ago about Janipher Maseko, a Ugandan asylum seeker in the UK who was detained and forcibly separated from her newborn baby. The Guardian pubished her story yesterday. Thankfully she and her children now have proper accomodation and support while her immigration status is being assessed.

purplelizzy [userpic]
Hairdresser sues for religious discrimination over hejab
by purplelizzy (purplelizzy)
at November 21st, 2007 (07:13 am)

A comment on the previous post reminded me of this case of a hairdresser who was turned down for a job in a salon specialising in "urban" cuts because she wanted to wear her hejab.  I think it provides an interesting comparision with the judo case because there's no safety issue here, only image.


The owner of an "alternative" London hair salon is being sued for religious discrimination after refusing to give a job to a Muslim woman who wanted to wear a headscarf at work.

Sarah Desrosiers, whose Wedge salon specialises in "urban funky" cuts, says she turned down applicant Bushra Noah because she was "selling image" and needed her staff to display their hairstyles to the public.

Ms Noah, 19, is claiming religious discriminat ion and suing Ms Desrosiers for more than £15,000 for injury to her feelings, as well as an unspecified sum for lost earnings.

Ms Desrosiers, 32, who set up her business in King's Cross 18 months ago, has already spent more than £1,000 fighting the case and says that if she loses she will be forced to close.

She denies any discrimination and says she rejected Ms Noah because she was unwilling to show her hair at work.

"I sell image - it's very important - and I would expect a hair stylist to display her hair because I need people to be drawn in off the street," said Ms Desrosiers. "It's the nature and style of my salon that brings people in and someone having their hair covered conflicts with that. If someone came in wearing a baseball hat or a cowboy hat I'd tell them to take it off while they're working. To me, it's absolutely basic that people should be able to see the stylist's hair."

In a legal letter setting out her employment tribunal case, Ms Noah, from Acton, claims she was discriminated against and treated rudely at her interview in March and wrongly turned down for a job she was capable of doing because of her headscarf.

Ms Noah said today she had attended a total of 25 interviews for hairdressing jobs without success and had decided to take legal action because she had been upset by Ms Desrosiers' comments. She said: "I decided to sue this hairdresser because she upset me the most. I felt so down and got so depressed, I thought if I am not going to defend myself, who is?

"When I spoke to her on the phone she offered me a trial day. But when I turned up she looked at me in shock. She asked if I wore the headscarf all the time. She kept repeating, 'I wish you told me over the phone'.

"Ever since I was in high school hairdressing is what I wanted to do. It is sad for them to not give me the opportunity. This has ruined my ambitions. Wearing a headscarf is essential to my beliefs."

Ms Desrosiers said she was struggling to find money to contest the hearing, scheduled for January. She said: "I'm being dragged through the mud and pretty much accused of being a racist. I feel it is totally unfair and wrong."

kurlypink [userpic]
Just adding fuel to this fire.
by kurlypink (kurlypink)
at November 20th, 2007 (03:06 pm)

Judo Manitoba refused to allow Muslim girl to compete for wearing hijab

By The Canadian Press

WINNIPEG - A Judo Manitoba official reduced an 11-year-old girl to tears Saturday when he refused to allow her to compete in a tournament wearing a hijab, or Muslim head scarf.

While other children squared off in the match at a Winnipeg gym, Hagar Outbih could only watch from the sidelines and wonder why she was singled out.

"He said that I can't fight. If I want to fight I have to take it off or I have to leave," Outbih said as tears rolled down her face.

Hagar's mother, Khadaja, tried to console her daughter.

"As a mom I feel so bad that my daughter would go through this." she said.

Judo Manitoba president Dave Minuk made the ruling.

He said it was based on International Judo Federation guidelines.

"It has nothing to do with religion, it is a safety issue," Minuk said. "It (the hijab) could be used to strangle somebody. It could fall over her face."

The Judo Manitoba ruling is the latest controversy in Canada over the wearing of hijabs by Muslim girls in sports.

In April an international referee said a Tae Kwon Do team of mainly Muslim girls was kicked out of a tournament near Montreal because the sport's rules don't allow hijabs.

The team, made up of girls between eight and 12 years old, is affiliated with a Muslim community centre in Montreal and five of its six girls wear the head scarf.

Last February an 11-year-old Ottawa girl was thrown out of an indoor soccer tournament for refusing to remove her hijab.

A federal Conservative MP as well as the Liberals and the NDP have defended the right of girl's to wear religious head-scarfs.

Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer, who is Muslim, has said that kicking kids out of sporting events is not the way to help communities live together in harmony.

Hagar Outbih agrees.

"I think they should change the rules because there are lots of people in the world," she said as she hugged her mom.

"There is not just Christians, there are other religions. They should be fair to everybody."

Outbih plans to write a letter of complaint to Sport Manitoba, an amateur sports organization whose chairman is appointed by the Manitoba government.

In a bid to mollify the girl organizers of the Judo match offered Outbih a participation medal, which she politely refused.

"Because I didn't deserve it. If I keep it it would just be bad memories."

Dancing Moon [userpic]
Equality law in Norway, translated article
by Dancing Moon (dancing_moon)
at October 16th, 2007 (05:33 pm)

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Source: Svenska Dagbladet Näringsliv, 16 october 2007 (from the business section)
Article by: Björn Lindahl
Translation: Mine, which includes all the mistakes - a lot of the financial terms, I used my dictionary and Wikipedia to translate. Ask if you are confused.
Topic: The reactions and result of a new law about gender equality in larger companies in Norway. From next year, all companies need at least 40% women in their board of directors or they will be ended by the state.

The italics are mine, to highlight interesting parts.

Article translation - Norwegian minister: "This isn't about some pretend-lawCollapse )

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I hope this is okay?
by Eumelia (eumelia)
at October 3rd, 2007 (11:50 pm)

The 18th Feminist SF Carnival will be hosted on the 20th of October at my LJ!

What is The 18th Feminist SF Carnival, you ask?

Well, you can go the website (which you should!) and find out, or read what I think of it:
abbreviated info about the Feminist SF CarnivalCollapse )

Anyone and everyone can submit a blog post/entry - anything written between September 20th and October 17th is eligible.
You can send the URL to my email or you can use the submission form.

I repeat the Deadline is October 17th and the Carnival itself will be posted at my LJ, on October 20th.

So start Submitting!

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purplelizzy [userpic]
But wait! Further to my last post, here comes Channel Dave
by purplelizzy (purplelizzy)
at September 21st, 2007 (10:04 am)


Who knew Never Mind the Buzzcocks was a guy's show? or Top Gear for that matter. I mean really, this is just silly. Where do these TV execs get their ideas?